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 A. B. Jones    Paintings

Price List  Purchasing:

1) All " New Work " and "Latest Work "Paintings are 47" x 59" (oil on canvas). Prices are available upon request. 

2) Archival Inkjet Glossy Prints ( 9" x 11," including a small white border )            can be  made of any painting on the website for only $30. 

3) The paintings in "Painting Archives" range in size considerably, and range        in price from $300 to $3,000. To see The Price List click here. If you are            interested in a  painting, or print, you :

    a) see pay pal link below, choose the correct price under "Options," type in         the title(s) of the painting(s) you wish to purchase.      

    b) upon receipt of your payment I will contact you about either hand                   delivering the painting to you personally, or shipping it to your home.

4) If there is a painting that you are truly attached to, but cannot afford, I am           always willing to discuss payment plans or a small discount. It is, after all,         art from the heart.​​