John Koch ( New York Painter,  20th Century)

 A. B. Jones    Paintings

​Edward Hopper "Rooms by the Sea"

​George Inness- "Sunset in the Woods" 1891

Joseph Sudek


Paul Cezanne 

"Strange Beautiful"

George Cress ( 20th Century : Chattanooga Tennessee)

Worthington Whittredge (American 1800's)

Paul Wonner (Bay Area Painter)

"....Painting dies and grows again with my grandmother’s tears....”

I wrote these words in a poem over twenty years ago when I was desperately slathering oil paint on wall sized nature based abstractions (see first image below), and trying to feel my way through the beginnings of  a  life as a poet/ artist. After having to literally go back to the drawing board in the mid 2000's and relearn the craft of painting from scratch,  I have experienced a resurgence of a true fascination with painting, and image making, and have been reinvigorated in the studio. I also have found myself revisiting the work of  the most painterly, and / or magic realist, of my favorite painters,  and my heart of hearts favorite photographers ( see images below). In my newest work there seems to be a synthesis happening between my early large abstract gestural paintings ("Strange Beautiful "), and the realistic work of the past ten years. What appears to be emerging are paintings that marry my love of image , place , and memory with the visceral  damar varnish drenched vital sensation that can come only from  oil paint.

Maxfield Parrish (my favorite painter / magician)